Maddie and Sean

October 21, 2023


Saturday, October 21, 2023

at 4 o'clock in the afternoon


The Wainwright house

260 Stuyvesant Ave, Rye, NY 10580

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Our story

Maddie and Sean met on a combined school trip in 2013. Ironically, the trip was to New York City and was with their photography classes. After 7 months of painfully awkward "friendship" (apologies to all of our friends and family), Maddie finally got the guts to ask Sean out. Luckily he said "yes" to the million-dollar question.

Maddie ended up following Sean to Frostburg State University where they attended college and met some of their best friends. When it came time to graduate, the pandemic conveniently hit. Maddie knew despite the situation, she had to move to NYC. And so she did.

In October 2020, Sean finally popped the question after EVERYONE bugging him to.

In June of 2021, Sean caught the city bug and followed Maddie there.

After a long engagement, they are happy to celebrate love, and their closest friends and family for being a part of their journey.

Where to Stay

Courtyard Marriot Rye

631 Midland Ave, Rye, NY 10580

The Opus

The Stanton House Inn

These are some options of varying price ranges. There are plenty of other places. There are also a lot of Airbnb and VRBO rentals if that floats your boat.

the venue

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When Colonel J. Mayhew Wainwright was stationed in France during WW1, he was headquartered at an 18th century chateau called Raincheval, which came to have a big impact on him.

On the night before he was to lead his men to battle, he promised himself that if he came through the war alive and made it back to Rye, he would build a chateau resembling Raincheval on the family land on Milton Point. He did, completing Wainwright House in 1928.

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What to wear


It's not often we get to get all fancy, therefore, we kindly request our favorite people dress in black tie optional attire. Do not let this scare you!

We are hoping the advanced notice gives everyone time to find an outfit that makes them feel like they shine. We cannot wait to see everyone all dressed up!



Suit and Tie or Bowtie. No Sneakers, Please.

Tea or Floor Length Dresses

If you would like more ideas, these are the colors that decided most of our big day:

(blush, mauve, cornflower blue, slate blue, sage green, olive green, and amber)

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the registry

We are registered on 2 sites. We tried to include a wide variety of options. We appreciate all of you more than you know!

RSVps are now closed

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See you there!